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Haru’s Giveaways Project

Haru’s Giveaways Project

   Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
   Holaa good readers!!!

   Udah pada tahu gak kalau Penerbit Haru lagi ngadain giveaways novelnya Yuki Ibuki “The Wind Leading To Love”???

   Atau juga kalian bisa baca di postingan ini, simak baik-baik ya….

   Dalam giveaways kali ini Penerbit Haru mengadakan Blog Tour yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 15 Maret hingga 31 Maret 2015, yup seperti yang tertera di atas.

   Karena ini acara Blog Tour, jadi kalian para good readers akan di ajak mengunjungi blog kakak-kakak blogger untuk mengikuti acara giveaways yang hadiahnya dijamin kece-kece!

   Gak hanya itu, di akhir, Penerbit Haru juga akan mengadakan kuis FINALE yang hadiahnya gak kalah kece juga! yaitu Novel The Wing Leading To Love dan satu novel Penerbit Haru yang akan dipilih secara acak. Dan ini diperuntukkan untuk kalian para good readers yang rajin mengikuti giveaways Blog Tour dari awal hingga akhir!

   Setelah mengintip hadiahnya, yuk kita lihat cara mendapatkannya, simak baik-baik ya:

  1. Kamu harus ngikutin Blog Tour The Wind Leading to Love dari awal sampai terakhir.
  2. Di setiap akhir postingan blog dari para blogger ini, akan menyediakan huruf-huruf yang merupakan bagian dari sebuah KATA yang harus kamu kumpulkan dan simpan baik-baik.
  3. Kamu harus menyusun semua huruf-huruf tersebut kedalam satu image, membentuk KATA hingga jelas apa yang ada disana.
  4. Post image tersebut di wall fanpage Haru, sertakan kesan-kesan kamu terhadap Blog Tour The Wind Leading to Love
   Gampang bangetkan caranya, maka dari itu buruan ikut acara giveaways dari Penerbit Haru kali ini!!!

   Berikut blog-blog yang mengikuti Blog Tour The Wind Leading To Love [ada jadwalnya masing-masing lho…]:

   15 Maret
   Twitter: @noninge

   17 Maret 
   Biondy Alfian 
   Twitter: @biondyalfian

   19 Maret
   Adinda Putri Citradewi

   21 Maret
   Febriyani Syafri

   22 Maret
   Dini Y. Nurhasanah

   24 Maret
   Ria Destriana

   26 Maret
   Selviana Rahayu

   28 Maret
   Maya Floria Yasmin

   29 Maret
   Shen Meileng

   31 Maret
   Stefanie Sugia

  Dan itu tadi jadwal serta alamat blog yang mengikuti acara Blog Tour ini, gimana? udah siapkan ikut giveaways project dari Penerbit Haru???

   Buat kalian para good readers yang tertantang untuk ikut, semangattt ya!!!


English Ed. BCKI!

Between Canada, Korea, and Indonesia!

   Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

   Holaaa, good readers! How is your feeling today? I hope you are all always just fine.

  It’s been soooooooooo long since my last post a year ago, December, 31th 2014 hohoho, but I am back now! Miss me?

  So, what I wanna share on this update? What is the meaning of “Between Canada, Korea, and Indonesia”? A lot of questions, and lemme tell you something.
The clue is… Things I love to death!

  On this new update,  I want to tell you guys about my interest in something new for me. It has related with sport, movie, music, hijab and blog! But how?

  Since a couple days ago, I have been thinking about this, I want to post something, but I was wondering around about  what I would like to post right here. I got pretty confused. During March, 10st-18st 2015 those were my holidays session, why? Because on those days, the grade 12 have to follow the school test, ganbatte oniisan, onesan! And for grade 10 and 11, we have to study at home where it means we are on HOLIDAYS, people... yeah! What a fantastic! So, I can really really feel home, stay at home.. for  a week? Okay, baby! Hohoho…

   And I want to start from…


[I took from Google]

   What happens with Canada? Is it the place where Bieber was born? Yes, but no, I don’t want to discuss about Justin Bieber although he is turning 21st now, getting older. He got a lot of tattoos on his body, he changed his hair style and he changed his style, a lot of changes on his life. Everything has changed right? And people do change.. Like Taylor Swift’s song. 

   Ok, back to the topic!

   Why it has to be Canada?

   Because from couple weeks ago, I think, I’ve loved something from there. Basically, this interest feeling comes from my school year program. My school holds like sport competitions for grade 10 and 11.  The competitions are basket ball, soccer, and volley ball. The competitions have been held for about three months or more. All of classes must participate in each competition. And I, I am participing in basket ball competition.

   My very first respond at the time was like, “WHAT??” Why? Why me? Why now? Oh people, I couldn’t play basket ball. I am bad in dribbling and shooting the ball into the basket ring, oh freak! You kidding me?

   “Why me? I can’t.” I always ask to them. But they just said like, “All of us can’t until we try.” And at the end I said, “Ok, I am in.”

   As the following days, we have had practiced a lot, honestly not every day, only just in some days since we had to divide the time between studying and practicing.

   Some of my friends and I practiced very seriously while having fun. Not long after,  I can do the dribbling and throw the ball into the basket ring. And ever since,  I think, I have been loving basket. That’s new for me, although I have known it since I was in elementary school, but now in Senior High School, I swear, I am really really good at it. How poor I was.

   Basket ball.. um.. it gives me like, life and love! My friends are very kind, they taught me patiently, especially Diah [She is our basket ball coach] Thank you so much for teaching us, telling me if basket ball is such a fun sport! Thanks for knowing me a basket ball. I’ll never know ‘till I try, that’s so damn right!

   Ops! Hohoho…


[I took from Google]

   The second is, from one of so many countries in Asia, well-known of fashion and drama, and that would be Korea, and FYI, it’s not going to be North Korea. I will talk about South Korea. This country is also famous with their boy band and girl band who can dance while singing.
   So, what do I like about South Korea? My interest comes from Drama and Music. For me, those are new things. Recently my friend, Shafira, introduced me with Korean Drama, Pinocchio!

   At first, I was like, “Oh, yeah, what is that?”

   But suddenly one of my friend, Fatin [not Shidqia] showed me the drama. From that time, I’ve really liked that super damn nice drama. And I was like, “Would  you  kindly mind giving  me the drama, please…?”

   And after that I started to watch the drama day and night. The drama comes in series, so I would have some episodes to watch. Pinocchio has 20 episodes. And for the record, from this drama [or film or movie or whatever you wanna call], I’ve finally found my new idol and he is my first Korean idol!

   The fact is, a lot of my friends have been so long putting their interests in Korean wave, but I’ve just put mine now. How off date I was? Who cares?

   I’ve fallen in love, I mean I like the main character from Pinocchio, that’s Choi Dal Po or Ki Ha Myung or Lee Jong Suk [the real name]. OMG, he is so fabulous, he is cute! And guess what? He was my first Korean actor whom I follow on instagram! Hohoho

   According to the my references, his high is 186 cm tall, what a tall man?! I can just say, “WHAT?!” Now, I feel like that destiny has brought me to  him, I know hohoho [don’t be jealous].

   You can find more about Lee Jong Suk on Wikipedia or another credible website.

   And the second thing I like about Korea is their musics [not at all,]. Recently my friend, Shafira, randomly sent me a song. After that I played it and I like that song! Then, I asked her what was the name of the song and who was the singer, and then she advised me to download the album. I admitted it. And this incredibly lovely singer would be Akdong Musician aka Akmu.

   Akdong Musician (Korean: 악동뮤지션, also known as AKMU) is a South Korean music duo under YG Entertainment, consisting of siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun. They won the second installment of the K-pop Star series. Songs from the group's 2014 debut album Play have more than 6,1 million total downloads. [From Wikipedia of course]

   This is the track:
1. "Give Love"   2:56
2. "200%"   3:13
3. "Melted" (얼음들; Eoreumdeul) 3:55
4. "On the Subway" (지하철에서; Jihacheoreseo) 3:41
5. "Hair Part" (가르마; Gareuma) 3:46
6. "Artificial Grass" (인공잔디; In-gongjandi) 3:45
7. "Don't Hate Me" (안녕; Annyeong) 3:47
8. "Little Star" (작은별; Jageunbyeol) 3:47
9. "Anyway" (길이나; Girina) 3:09
10. "Idea" (소재; Sojae) 3:19
11. "Galaxy"   2:59
PS: all off the songs were written and composed by Lee Chanhyuk.

    I always rewind the songs.

   Why do I like AKMU’s song? Because I think that their songs have “something” that can make me happy every time I listen to it. And most of the songs are in acoustic version, I love it!


[I took from Google]

   And the last is… my lovely country, Indonesia! What do I love from Indonesia? You all know that there are many problems come to this country right now. Corruption, ISIS, “Begal” and more. I am tired of those shit things! But, can we just stop discussing those and take a look how lucky we are, can live in this precious country.

   We have a lot of things that we can show to the world wide, we can be the next powerful country if we want! Just take a breath and realize it, please.

   Million young generations we have, with various abilities, that is the point! And recently, they easily took a place in my heart, hohoho…

   One day I opened my lovely black laptop and started to explore random thing, anything, and finally I found  something. That was Fashion blog.

   I am a girl who does not really care about something called “fashion” but from that time I decided to stalk everything about fashion. Sounds ridiculous, huh?

   But when I was on grade 8, my bestie, Elok [What’s up, mate!] had introduced me to Evita Nuh, one of Indonesian fashion blogger. I mean, one of Indonesian famous fashion blogger. She has inspired Elok and now, she attract me too.

   You can check it here! http://jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com/

[All pics of Evita I took from her fan pages https://www.facebook.com/evitanuhpage ]

   And I found another fashion blogger, hijab fashion blogger. Her name is Shirin Al-Athrus. She is young hijaber and her fashions are inspiring me a lot! I knew her for the first time from instagram. She is beautiful talented young girl.

   And here is her blog, but right now she never posts something on her blog, I don’t know why, maybe she is busy… http://shireeenz.blogspot.com/

   Honestly, there are so many fashion blogger from Indonesia, so you can choose your own favorite!

   Soooo, that’s all what I want to share with you, my lovely good readers!

  How do you feel? Maybe it’s just something not important for you but not for me. But I hope you guys can learn something from this new post, aamiin.

   Thank youuuuuu so much for your kind heart to read this, love ya!


#Big Thanks to Shafira Hany Maris, who wants to help me checking the grammar :)

                                                                               Probolinggo, March on 17th 2015


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