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Hello, good readers! Long time no see ofc. Finally, I decided to make my first post in 2022. If I got no wrong, this is my second English full post on this blog, yay! (first eng ver) Honestly, I got a difficult time think what I am gonna post on this blog like there are too many things in my mind but sadly I couldn’t express it clearly (poor me ). And then after all this time, I choose to write about my future plan, at least everything that comes out in my mind now. Thus, this thought suddenly passes by, “what if I write it in English so I can practice my writing skill while confiding (lol).” Viola! This is it!

But first, I wanna remind you guys that I am still learning to be good at English and I used some slang/informal words in this post just because it’s interesting! So, I am sorry if there are many mistakes in what I am writing now and I’ll be glad if you wanna give me the correct one about my grammar, etc.

Okay, back to the topic! I am 23 years old now and it can be said that I am in ‘a quarter-life crisis’ as many people hype on it. Life feels harder and harder like seriously? In this phase of my age, automatically I start to worry about my future, like what I am gonna do, how can I survive, and many more! So, I think I need to plan to live more purposefully because all this time I just like ‘go with the flow ‘till I realized that I couldn’t apply it in all parts of my life.

I hope, if I write down the plan, at least I have a clear track so I can make my life better than before. Achieve my future goals and be a better version of myself! So, here it is 25 targets that I am gonna do before I turn 25.

  1. Graduating, ofc!
  2. Getting a job
  3. Being a student tutor
  4. Driver license
  5. Playing guitar
  6. Travelling aboard
  7. Going somewhere by plane!
  8. Learning a new language
  9. Journaling
  10. Making more videos for the YouTube channel
  11. Reading more and more books, both fiction and non-fiction
  12. Memorizing juz 30 of Qurans
  13. Reciting Quran by tartil
  14. Going to Master degree
  15. Getting a professional license as a teacher
  16. Applying for CPNS
  17. Having own camera
  18. Weight loss
  19. Learning how to sketch
  20. Opening side hustle
  21. Having a new phone
  22. Learning how to apply to make up on my face
  23. Having a tablet
  24. Writing a story on wattpad (or other story maker platforms)
  25. Financially independent

Having things to achieve makes us more able to appreciate time. So, what are your goals? I hope to be a better person every day because the real enemy is ourselves. For me, for you, and for us, I know, it won’t be easy but let’s keep trying and don’t give up easily. Fighting!


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